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Commercial Building Inspection
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Vacant Land
General Contractors Liability
High end residential
Attractive nuisance
and much, much more!


About Regal Inspections

This family-owned business was begun by Ernie and Marti Williams in April of ’92. They both began their experience in the inspection field by working with one of the largest inspection services in California, and now total over 20 years each in the industry.

We don’t just hire sub-contracted inspectors who come and go by the job. Instead, we maintain consistency of dependable performance by retaining our inspectors on a regular basis. And they each communicate daily with our office for regular updates on their inspection projects, assuring effective management and supervision of clients’ inspection requests.

Each of our completed inspections is reviewed by at least one of the owners. This assures that we fully provide the requested information for the accurate and proper insurance underwriting and rating of the policy.

All this is at the heart of our way of doing business: Professional inspections being completed in a timely manner and at a reasonable fee.  This is what keeps customers coming back.

At Regal Inspections, we take our fiduciary responsibility with wholesalers seriously. They earned their money the hard way, and it’s our duty to see there are no overpayments, or surprising underpayments, at the end of insurance policy periods.


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