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Regal Inspections Services

In dealing with commercial, multi-tenant and high end residential properties, and even vacant land, auto fleets and marine vessels, we go far beyond average inspections.

Regal Inspections takes seriously its responsibility in making sure the underwriter is fully informed of all risks in what they are insuring.

We inspect properties for planned usage, square footage and physical boundaries and even analyze the surrounding neighborhood. We verify that contractors schedule regular safety meetings toward assuring that potential liability issues are addressed, as well as advising on such issues as tools and equipment lockup and security.

We also scour the property for potential job site issues that must be considered such as land variations, possible water hazards, fire liability, dangerous overhangs and more.

Our inspectors even search for garage keepers liability. We’re not just giving a cursory glance for the obvious, but looking carefully at every little detail that could possibly yield a claim.

All along the process, we’re watching out for clients’ financial considerations to assure there’s no inadvertent overpayment on policies or last minute discoveries of alarming underpayment.


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